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 We Can Be Your 2nd Pair of Eyes & Ears!


An unbiased outside perspective is crucially important to the entrepreneurial

endeavor, whether a startup or seasoned Fortune 500 company."

L.C. Harrison, 1976


I can help your business grow whether a new startup or a seasoned fortune 500 company!


Dear Executive, Owner, or Partner:


Since 1976, Data Business Systems has been assisting companies such as yours in achieving

their goals by specializing in the following:


ACCOUNTING Optimizing of your P&L statements, general ledger, chart-of-accounts, & journals

CORPORATION Setting up of C, S, limited liability corporations, partnerships, & sole proprietors

E-BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Website development, e-commerce, sales, & marketing strategies

FREIGHT Investigating alternative shipping solutions in addition to UPS, FedEx, & common carriers

HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Hiring & training general office, sales, & warehouse personnel

INSURANCE Optimizing policies & premiums for product liability, general liability, health, & vehicles

INTERNATIONAL OUTSOURCING Investigating foreign countries as alternative product sources

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Implementing inventory management controls for maximum efficiency

INVESTOR RELATIONS Assisting in the procurement of working capital from banks & investors

LEGAL / CONTRACTS Making certain that adequate legal documents & contracts are in full force

MARKET RESEARCH Investigating sales & marketing potentials through effective feasibility studies

OFFICE AUTOMATION Streamlining work-flow by optimizing computers, copiers, phones, & faxes

PROJECT PLANNING Over viewing and supervising project development details to insure success


If you would like a conservative, creative, detailed strategy plan, including our list of most common requests, contact us to schedule a personal consultation at your facility. We will discuss with you specifics regarding your policies, procedures, & goals. Finally, we will process this information and present your written plan. Afterwards, we could help assist your company with on-going business solutions ranging from the beginning basics, to the advanced fine-tuning of each department, as well as furnishing you with our set of in-house hand selected documents to insure a smooth, successful, business future...


John Calicchio


John Calicchio



Data Business Systems

1315 Corte Maltera, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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