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     Frequently Asked Questions


Q:    What does Data Business Systems specialize in?

A:    Supplying hi-speed, low cost, secure network computer systems for small to medium size businesses

        requiring inventory control. Examples would be retail Point-of-Sale (over the counter) and warehouse

        distribution with automated shipping needs. Full support for front and back office are also included.


Q:    Who are your class of customers and where are they located?

A:    Our customers include: The family run home business, motorcycle dealers and distributors, car dealers,

        repair shops, gift stores, RV retail & wholesale, hospitals, floor covering, coin dealers, pest control,   

        apartment complexes, moving & storage, plumbing & electrical, building contractors, musical stores,

        copy centers, food processing, pool supply, wood working, & more. Useful in all homes and businesses.

        Our customers are located throughout the USA and Canada


Q:    How long has Data Business Systems been selling turn-key systems?

A:    Since 1976


Q:    What is special about Signature Series Software?

A:    Our programs are completely interactive. For example: When an invoice is printed, 11 files 

        automatically get updated; Daily-Sales, History, Customer, Inventory, General-Ledger,

        Serial-Number, Credit-Card, Invoices, Accounts-Receivable, Backorders, & Bank-Deposits.

        Refer to the flow charts accessible from our Home Page...


Q:    You specialize in Turn-Key Systems. What is a Turn-Key System?

A:    After you place your order, we will install your new system, transfer your data, and train your staff.

        It's that simple!


Q:    Why don't we just use Quick Books or Microsoft Money?

A:    While these are excellent programs, they don't begin to cover the scope of Signature Series


Q:    I as well as most of my employees are computer illiterate. Can we operate your system ?

A:    Yes. Our programs will guide you through each and every step displaying all questions and options.

        We provide you with the all of the navigation. Most new customers start running our programs

        even before we train them.


Q:    You advertise that your system can never contract any viruses. Is that true?

A:    Yes. We guarantee when our complete turn-key systems (hardware & software) are installed,

        you will never get a virus as long as you own the system or we will pay you $10,000


Q:    Where's the mouse?

A:    We have spared you the need to use a mouse. While the mouse is useful in the graphics world, it is a

        nuisance for data processing. Fortunately, we have developed our programs around a series of guided

        keystrokes which enable you to move more quickly throughout the system.


Q:    We run a parts business with over 50,000 line items. How fast is your system's lookup speed?

        Our programs will outrun the user's ability to enter in the keystrokes. Lookup time for a data base with

        many thousands of customers, vendors, and inventory is typically less than 1 second.


Q:    Why should I purchase a system from Data Business Systems?

A:    Our systems are extremely fast and reliable. Our customer service is immediate and thorough. We have

        spent years creating advanced error trapping and recovery procedures that are transparent to

        the user. "Simple to operate and full of features" that is our motto.


Q:    How do I go about purchasing a system from Data Business Systems?

A:    Contact our sales department at: 714-556-0170 and arrange a meeting to discuss your specific system

        requirements. Remember to ask about our data import service which enables your existing information

        to be transferred over to your new system. Your entire system can be up and running in as  little as 1

        week from the day you place your order.



What Do Our Customers Have To Say?

California - "My name is Bill. I have owned a Data Business Systems computer system since 1988. It has never

failed me. I feel fortunate since I have friends who complain about their systems. The programs are simple to

use. When I hire new people, they learn the system immediately. I would highly recommend their products".

Feel free to call Bill at: 951-940-5411


California - "My name is Steve. Our company sells Harley Davidson motorcycle parts nationwide.

We have owned a Data Business Systems 7 user system for over 15 years. The only problem we ever had is

the file server's drive went bad around year 5. The company came out the next day and installed a new drive and power supply. The service we received over the years has been very professional. I would recommend Data Business to anyone". Feel free to call Steve at: 805-641-9540


Minnesota - "My name is Mitch. I own a small parts business and needed a computer system which could help

handle my inventory, invoicing, and shipping needs. Data Business was recommended by a friend who had a

good experience. I decided to call John Calicchio and had a long conversation. He told me things about the

system that I hadn't thought about. I found John to be informative and very helpful. I decided to buy the

system which has turned out to be the best thing. On occasion I have had problems, but they always

fixed them right away. I would highly recommend their products and services". 

Feel free to call Mitch at: 507-374-2094


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